Clubhouse Camp 2020: Just Around the Corner!

Clubhouse Camp 2020 Event Graphic

"Mr. Corby, are we going back to camp again this Summer?"  "Can 3rd graders go to camp?" "It was so FUN last year."

These are examples of comments I have heard for boys and girls from last year’s camp experience.  To some kids Summer Camp is the best event of their summer.  And if I’m honest—and 24 hours removed from unloading all the kids, luggage, and vans—it’s one of the best events of my summer too.

Last year, I was looking for a camp for older elementary kids.  I had a list forming of all the things that it needed. Things we all think of, like:

  • It really needed to be FUN and affordable.
  • It needed to be safe, and if possible, only a three-day camp vs a five-day camp.
  • It had to meet kids where they were, developmentally and culturally.
  • It had to be relational and there had to be a clear message of JESUS.
  • AND the Food had to be good. (Food is a big priority when it comes to trucking several dozen kids to a new place)

Then, I was introduced to Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest, SC.  It was here where I stumbled into an auditorium with over 300 kids and their small group leaders and saw them singing loud, having fun, and hearing God’s Word.  I was able to witness those leaders and kids engaged in relational small groups, opening up about what they left behind at home and what they know to be true in who God is. Each moment was intentional and every kid knew that something unique was happening at camp.

 I wanted our kids, leaders, and families to experience this. I wanted our kids to have something that would outlast just their week at camp but would also remain held in their hearts through the upcoming school year. I wanted every year for our older kids to build that anticipation into the ones who were just a few years too young and able to go this year.

AND IT HAPPENED… After health forms, praying with families, loading vans, sleepless nights, surprising conversations, moments with God, and unforgettable times with kids and leaders, I cannot wait for this summer.

Do you want your child to experience something amazing? To experience what it’s like to be unplugged and be saturated with relationships and truth that guide them to the heart of Jesus and walking in faith. Then Clubhouse Camp at Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest is the camp for your child this summer. Registration begins Feb 9 at 1pm and we have 25 spots reserved. Don’t Miss Out!

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Join us Sundays at 

9:30 or 11am