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When I look back at family trips when I was younger the ones that I remember the most are the camping trips we took.  I remember loading up my dad’s truck with bikes, chairs, firewood, and groceries and watching him hook the pop-up camper we had to the back.  There was one particular campground in Lake Lure that we went to a lot and I have such good memories of our family going there and taking other families with us so a lot of times there would be close to 15 people going together.  We rode our bikes for hours at a time and there were plenty of other things to keep us busy.  We learned how to start a fire and how to cook our meals without the luxury of a full kitchen.  Those memories are the reason that I take my own family camping now!  My 3 kids love going camping and doing all the same things that I did when I was growing up!


Now that I am taking my family camping I get to experience something that I didn’t get to see growing up, and that is that camping is also hard work!  I know now that my parents worked hard to give me those experiences and memories and that there were probably arguments and disagreements that I never knew happened when we were on those trips.  Now that I have taken my family on camping trips and we have invited and went with other families as well, I see that it can be stressful to go camping and make sure you don’t forget things and try and keep everyone entertained for a weekend!  I have also found that it is, without a doubt, WORTH IT! It is quality time together that is hard to replace or manufacture in other ways and I hope my kids will look back on our trips the way I look at the ones I took growing up.

So, maybe you are thinking that's good for you Wesley but I don’t want the stress of finding somewhere to camp and packing things up and worrying about food and all that. Well, I have good news for you!  We are having our Family Camp on September 20-21 and we are providing things to make it easy for you to come! The church is providing food for supper and breakfast the next day and there will be other families there to hang out with and plenty to keep everyone entertained and having a great time for the night!  Even if you have never been camping before and don’t consider yourself someone who would even go camping you should still come.  Find a tent to borrow or a cheap one to buy and come campout for the night! We hope you will join us

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9:30 or 11am