Big Changes are coming in our Greeter Ministry

Big Changes in Greeter Ministry

Psalm 84:10 NIV: Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God  than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

A Greeter does more than shake hands on a Sunday morning.  Those who greet are the front line of Pleasant City’s hospitality ministry.  Greeters play a vital part of our friendliness that helps visitors connect with our local church.

Church greeters serve a vital function of expressing the love of Christ to those who enter our campus.  Your friendly smile can change a negative attitude.  Your gentle greeting and genuine conversation may help people feel connected.

Over the last several months our church staff has been evaluating our Greeter ministry. Currently we have two groups of greeters on Sundays- the 930 Greeters and the 11 Greeters. As we look to move forward in the coming school year, we realize the need and importance of seeing multiple generations greeting both at 930 and 11. We also see value in the simple gesture of serving coffee to any person that shows up on our campus. Because of these two values that we see as important, we are challenging our greeters to committ to a slighlty larger time commitment on Sunday mornings. We will be combining the Greeter ministry into one big group that serves both pre-gatherings as well as expanding the ministry with coffee.

For the current 930 Greeters- it means staying an extra 20 minutes later. Instead of leaving right after the 930 Gathering, we are challenging you to stay and greet the 11 Gathering attendees which would have you leaving at 11:05am instead of 10:45am

For the current 11 Greeters- it means arriving an extra 20 minutes earlier. Instead of arriving on campus for connect groups at 9:30am, we are challenging you to get here at 9:10am to pray with all other greeters and greet the 930 Gathering attendees which would have you arriving at 9:10am instead of 9:30am.

During both of these pre-gatherings- greeters will assist in serving coffee, opening doors, giving out our handouts, directing guests to where they are needing to go, and engaging people with a friendly smile and welcoming conversation. Our plan is to launch this newly revised Greeter Ministry on Sunday, Spetember 16th.

We would like to host a lunch and training for every person interested in serving. If you are planning on continuing to serve or wanting to get involved in Greeting for the first time, please join us on Sunday, September 9th right after the 11 Gathering from 12:15-2:45pm. We will begin in the Fellowship Hall.

With all of these changes, we want to first challenge those who are currently serving to pray about their future involvement and really consider the potential that this ministry has with us all serving together. Secondly, we want to encourage anyone that has not served before to consider and pray about joining us this September for what God has in store for us.

Our hope as a church is to add more people to the Greeter Ministry.  As we have mentioned above, we see great value in our Greeter Ministry.  Maybe you have been a part of Pleasant City Church for a while and have not gotten involved in a ministry.  The Greeter Ministry may be just the place for you to start serving.


If you are a current Greeter or want to be a new Greeter, please sign up below. It is important that we know who wants to continue serving with the new schedule.  

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