How to Pray as your child leaves for Camp this Summer

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So your kid is off to Summer Camp for the first time! Well done, Parent, you have successfully let the tether slip from your fingers for at least a few nights. If this is your first time, just breathe, you’ll make it (as will they.) If this is no big deal to you and your family, try to wait until the camp vans are out of sight before you start the happy dance; you can at least pretend to be sad about your child leaving your home.

We will be attending Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest, SC. We are taking kids 3rd – 5th  grade for our camp.  I remember the feeling in my gut as we left Chandler and Carter for their first overnight camp several years ago. Many prayers will be whispered by parents as their kids leave for Summer Camp.

Prayers like: “Please help them stay alive” (a fine, noble prayer, if not motivated by fear); “Please help them not to get sick with ‘beaver fever'” (a prayer motivated by your distinct disinterest in having to head up to camp to collect your child halfway through the week); “Help them to make good friends” (this is something we all want.)

So you’ve prayed the important prayers; prayers that are critical and effective, but can I suggest that there are other prayers you might want to add to your list this week? Here are a few suggestions:

ONE. PRAY FOR YOUR CHILD’S LEADERSHIP TEAM                                                 
You may have already been doing this – but make sure you cover your child’s  counselors in prayer! They need a ton of energy and wisdom. Pray that God gives them a parenting sense and a deep love for the children in their care.

TWO. PRAY FOR YOUR CHILD’S NEW FRIEND                                                         
Your child is going to make new friends this week – that is one of the beautiful things about camp. So pray for that friend! Pray that they meet Jesus and feel loved. Pray that the friendship lasts beyond camp.

THREE. PRAY FOR THE “LEAST OF THESE" AT CAMP                                               
This is the child who doesn’t always understand social environments or how to play nice or proper hygiene. He / She might be hyper-active or just afraid of being away from home. Pray that these kids, who are so precious to God, will find their place and make genuine friendships at camp.

Camp is always evangelistic in nature. The Gospel will be presented in a Fun way this week. Thank God for the professions of faith that will be made during Camp. Ask Him to help you how to disciple your child once they return home.

Summer Camp is going to be a blast and a great ending to your child’s summer.  Thank you for praying for our Leadership Team and kids as we are away Aug 6-9!  

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.            Philippians 4:6-7 

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