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We are starting a live stream at Pleasant City Church! When Covid-19 we did not have a live stream or any equipment to make it happen. As we navigated the days and weeks at the beginning of our quarentine we started to realize the need for a live streamed gathering. The only issue was actually getting the equipment with delays in shipping. Well now we have everything here and are ready to start the live stream team! 

Our vision for the live stream is not that it replaces an in person worship gathering. We believe there is something special about being in the room with other believers singing praises and studying scripture but during this time we realize that it is not possible or wise for all of our church to be in one room at one time. Thus we will now have a live stream. This allows for people who do not feel comfortable coming back to church in person, people who work weekends and families who are taking care of high-risk family members a way to continue to be a part of our gatherings. 

If you are returing to church, this is a great opportunity to serve others in our church and our community. We need people to run cameras, audio, words on the screens, and the video switcher. If you dont know what any of that is but you are willing to learn, we can train you, just click the link below and then click "request to join."  If you would like more information but arent sure you can commit just yet, do the same and we will send you more information.


To Join the Team, Click HERE


Join us Sundays at 

9:30 or 11am