A Month of Moving Beyond Borders

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We are two days away from November and I'm as excited as I get when it's just before Christmas! These last few weeks I have even had trouble sleeping at night. Now I know what you're thinking- "you have kids, Jonathan." It's not that.... well, its not JUST that! I am so eager to see what God is going to do in our church this next month.

Sunday we are kicking off a new series and hopefully a renewed perspective that extends beyond the borders of our country and our hearts. We as a church have determined to devote the entire month of November to take a fresh glimpse into God's global vision for the Gospel. What does Christ really desire for our church...

  • regards to the other nations around the world?
  • regards to people we have never met that are in different cultures & contexts?
  • regards to people that are not loved, not desired, and not cared for by anyone?


God's Word is not silent on these questions. We want to see what God says and do more than simply hear His Word. We want to interact with God's Word and DO SOMETHING about what He commands. You will not want to miss a Sunday. This month, we have two events that we believe will refresh our passion and response for God's command to "Go":

Special Missions Gathering

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Special Extended Gathering


The Compassion Experience

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It's our prayer that during this month Jesus Christ will make a maximum impact in our church for His Kingdom. We hope to see you Sunday!

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