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The foundation is the most important part of every building.  Essentially, it is the building block of any structure.  In builder’s terms, any foundation that is not laid correctly will produce compounding defects.    Building a proper and sound foundation during the preschool years is vital when constructing the future of our little ones.  Together, we can bind our efforts and set them up for success in the next building block of life.    

Our Mother’s Morning Out ministry at Pleasant City Church desires to teach foundational truths reflecting Biblical values; as we demonstrate God’s love, we are nourishing little minds and enriching families.  We believe every precious little is important to our Heavenly Father.  We believe God designs us to grow over time; this phase of a child’s life is incredibly important.  Our model is to cultivate and create an environment where your little one feels safe, loved and valued.  We understand that the preschool years can be tough and we desire to partner with parents in the building of God’s grand story in your child’s life.  It may be a lot of hard work, but your child can build a better future when the foundation is secure.  

Our brand, identifies our core values at MMO and it is the heart of who we are.  Our ministry wants to provide a safe-fun-nurturing environment for preschoolers as they learn age appropriate skills and develop socially and emotionally.  Our MMO team desires to foster curious learners, embrace their needs and ignite wonder in the world around them.  We have been given an awesome opportunity to unpack an abundance of God’s truth in your little ones life; whether it is in chapel time, playing with a friend, talking through an unkind choice or creating a craft focused around the weeks lesson.  We want our daily interactions with children and parents to reflect love and kindness. 

We are excited for the future of our Mother’s Morning Out ministry.  Our staff is dedicated to the success of every child during the Preschool years.   The WIN of our school, our ministry is more than the teaching of ABC’s-gross/fine motor skills and social interactions.  Our WIN is defined by successfully building a connection with each child and partnering with that child’s parents along this journey.  The preschool years may appear as in your survival mode; however, God has entrusted you with a beautiful child, circled by a wonderful support system and founded on the love of Jesus.  We would love for you to join us as we build on a secure foundation of preschool! 


Kristin Walker

Director of Mother’s Morning Out Ministry at PCC

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