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Not long ago a precious mother shared a story of bold faith and courageous strength with me.  Ace Arrowood is a 2-year old who attends our Mother’s Morning Out Ministry.  Recently, Ace was undergoing tests in hopes of determining the root of frequent belly pain. Doctors and blood work can be terrifying for any 2-year old. On the way to a scheduled visit at Levine’s, Ace and his mother, Callie, went over Ace’s Bible verse that he had learned at MMO:  “Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid….for the Lord your God goes with you” -Deuteronomy 31:6.

Ace had blood work drawn at this appointment.  After a few hugs and words of affirmation, with tear filled eyes, Ace held up his muscles and proclaimed, “strong and courageous”.  Callie shared that the nurses laughed and she asked Ace to tell them his Bible verse.  Without missing a beat, he did it!  Callie said, “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Pictured below is our phlebotomist (April), Ace, and my sister.  I remember April saying how that moment touched her heart and she knew God would look after Ace.  My sister and I both felt the presence of God in the room with us”. We are happy to report that Ace is currently experiencing less pain and he will continue to follow up with his doctors. IMG_6257.JPG
IMG_6256.JPG Ace’s story is a beautiful example of courage and living out one of our key values at MMO; we are covered in God’s love.  Faith matters to our team.  Sharing the love of Jesus with our families and our little’s is an essential component of our ministry.  Preschoolers are curious learners.  When faith and learning collide, it cultivates an environment that is FUN!  Pictured is our Pre-K learning about the miracle of Jesus, turning water into wine at the wedding ceremony-John 2:1-11.  The awe and wonder on their faces captures the very essence of our heart beat at MMO. 

Our team is passionate and desires to nurture little minds; developing a trusting – responsive relationship with children entrusted to us.  We are nurturing our preschooler’s BIG emotions, coaching friendships, developing independence, assuring unsteady footsteps that they are safe and sparking curiosity as they discover the world around them. 

Preschoolers are demanding.  Some days feel long, while others feel short.  Our team desires to authentically partner with parents – the phase of inquisitive questions, tantrums and phrases of, “I can do it by myself”. 

The story of Ace captivated my attention and drew me in.  It encapsulates everything we value at MMO.  I celebrated that moment with Callie as she recited her son’s story.  Ace believed these true words from the Bible and shared God’s love with the people surrounding him that day.  Every family – every school – every classroom – every child has a story to tell.  It is our passion at MMO, to create stories of love – stories of learning – stories of belonging, and stories of kindness in these early years.  We look forward in partnering with more families in the future as we navigate the Preschool phase together.  If you are interested in learning more about our ministry, please call us at 704.482.4431.  Early registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin March 1st through March 31st at a reduced rate of $35.  Registration will increase to $50 on April 1st


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