Preschool: A Remnant of Hope for Our Future



Remnant:  A piece that is left over after a community disaster. -The Anchor Bible Dictionary

2020 has given us our fair share of what feels like a disaster.  Many facets of our lives have been affected in one way or another, including our Preschool community.  The Weekday Preschool at PCC closed in mid March and Church Preschool followed suit not long after.  

Remnants are survivors.  Remnants cling to hope - a future to come.  Our preschool community at PCC is making something new out of all the things that fell apart during this crazy time.  We care about our littlest ones and are working together to create safer environments for preschoolers to learn and explore.  

Preschoolers have a unique, developmental window for building; language skills, problem solving, getting along with others, emotions, motor skills, dramatic play, listening and following directions and understanding the world around them.  According to the National Institute of Play, “A child’s most important educational experience occurs before age 6.  By that age, 90% of brain development will have occurred.”

The PCC preschool team is ready to embrace our families during the preschool phase.  We want the stories our kids tell of this crazy time to be stories of hope; filled with lots of love and connection.  “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.  But for children, play is serious learning.  Play is really the work of childhood.”  - Mr. Rogers

Our little learners need to move, pretend and play with other children their age. At PCC, we affirm all of these things as we share that Jesus is their friend forever.   

Isaiah 37:31, And the surviving remnant of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward.

Did you catch those two, beautiful words?  …...shall again

That’s right!  PCC Preschool is digging deep and we are firmly rooted in the hope of Jesus and the beautiful story He is writing among our preschoolers and their families.  We are incredibly excited to invite little ones on our campus.  If you are a family attending worship on Sunday or desiring to enroll your preschooler in our weekday ministry, we want to partner with you.  It is our mission to support you in this preschool phase.  We have redesigned our space to create a fun and safe learning environment and fully believe God will use our remnants and grow our ministry exponentially.  Please check out the links below to better understand how Preschool at PCC is moving forward.

PRESCHOOL - A remnant of HOPE for our future, 
Kristin Walker
PreK Administrative Director


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9:30 or 11am