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The year 2019 is HERE with the potential of new opportunities and new challenges before us.  I believe God has placed PCC in a unique position to reach those in our community.  We live in a community where individuals need to not only be reached with the gospel but also discipled in the faith.  We also believe God has empowered us and gifted us with people that can impact families with Biblical truth and instruction.  That being said, we need to add more educational space to reach more.

We voted back in October to build a new 8,100 square foot Educational Facility that will more than double our current restrooms, add 10 adult classrooms, a senior adult suite, and a nursing mother’s room. Within ninety days we will be breaking ground on the project costing just over $1.4 million.  

We currently have just over $375,000 on hand and are expecting to raise $585,000 from our 2019-2021 Church budget leaving $507,000 to be raised from families or individuals.  Of the $507,000 needed from families and individuals we have committed $102,000 meaning we still need to raise $405,000 from 2019-2021.  If you would like to join us in this endeavor you can pick up a commitment card at the i-desk indicating your commitment amount then turn it in by placing it in the offering plate or in the black box at the i-desk.  This is not a pledge card therefore we do not need your name, we just need to know of the intentions of those willing to give to this important need. 

I am praying that we as a church really step up in the coming years as we seek to build a campus that is inviting for those who are seeking the answers to life and the life to come.  Let’s work together in accomplishing the mandate Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:18-20.  It is exciting to be a part of a church that desires to reach more for the Kingdom. 

Serving Him Together,  Pastor Bryan


Example of Commitment Card below: 

Commitment Card for Educational Facility 

Check One:   Total Per Month:                 Total Commitment: 

(     )                 $25      X   39 Months             =          $   975 

(     )                 $50      X   39 Months             =          $1,950  

(     )                 $100   X   39 Months             =          $3,900 

(     )                 $150    X   39 Months             =          $5,850 

(     )                 $200    X   39 Months             =          $7,800 

(     )                 $250    X   39 Months             =          $9,750 

(     )                 Other Amount 39 Months     =          $_____________ 

(     )                 Other One Time Gift Amount           $_____________ 

From January 2019 to March 2022 

Please return to the I-desk, or in the offering plate.


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