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Table talk is something that families did before cell phones and busy schedules. For generations families would gather to eat at the dinner table while discussing life, issues of importance and the events of the day. Oh, how I wish for the simpler days of the Waltons and the Ingles. Those moments seem to be rare and even non-existent for many families today. In my opinion families need to get back to these types of simple yet meaningful moments. 

Therefore if it is good for families why not our church family, so for three weeks beginning February 23rd, we will begin a new sermon series entitled “Table Talk.” The topics that will be discussed are issues that families and even our church family need to consider to ensure we are fulfilling God’s purpose and direction for our lives. 

Lastly, I hope you know that everything we as pastors put in front of you is doctrinally sound and practically useful while fitting into the culture values of our church. The culture values this series will address are of course “Jesus Is Our Lead Story” with the additions of “We Are Family”, “We Are Kingdom Focused”, and “Generosity Is Common.” 

My prayer is that the subject matter of this series will impact you in such a way that you will never be the same.

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