The Power of a Meal

Power of a Meal NP Graphic

There’s a common phrase among global missionaries: “When the United States gets a cold, the rest of the world gets the flu.” It basically means, “When we have it bad, [generally] other countries have it worse.” Since March, we have seen this phrase play out.  Although we have economically been affected in dramatic ways here in the States, what we have seen overseas has been staggering.

For most people around the world, their lives consist of daily wages. This means that the work they do each day, also feeds and provides for them that same day. For many there is not enough money for savings or retirement, and most of these developing countries do not have a stimulus check, unemployment pay, or free lunches for children. Instead when these parents don’t work, they don’t eat and their children don’t eat. Since most are out of work, this is a serious problem. So, over the last month our church has been challenged to give to some of these practical needs. Our church had requests from two of our mission partners. Delmy2
Pedro and his mother The first request was from Estuardo and Callie Lopez on behalf of their ministry: Chispas of Change. This is a mission organization based out of Guatemala that disciples, educates, and provides nutrition for school-aged children that work as vendors on the street. Through this incredible ministry, they were able to target several specific families that were in dire need of food.
The second request came from our partners in Nepal. Due to safety concerns and the laws that have been put in place to criminalize the Christian faith in Nepal, we are not able to give their names. Yet, their Gospel-spreading network is vast, spanning across the nation and connected to many churches all over Nepal. In the villages where these churches are found, there are hundreds of families both Christian and lost that don't have food.


25.JPG As a church, we wanted to do something about this- to take more than just a bag of groceries or a plate of food to people. We wanted to take Hope in the name of Jesus Christ to these people. So, we put the challenge out to our PCC family, and despite a culture of economic uncertainty, you did not disappoint!

Pleasant City Church was able to give…


This helps fund these mission opportunities to spread the Gospel and goodness of God. Thank you for your financial support and prayers. Now we get to celebrate and take a front row seat in watching how God uses all of this for His glory. He is so good!

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