What if?

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“What if?” is one of the most powerful phrases in the English language!  One could look back and say “what if” and be filled with regret and discouragement or one could look forward and say “what if” and see endless possibilities and opportunities. 

On Sunday morning, October 14th in both gatherings I am going to apply the phrase “what if” to a future of possibilities and opportunities for us as a Church to continue to build the Kingdom of God.  I will be sharing what I believe to be the direction God is leading us over the next decade.  This will include a reminder of our current vision and mission statement; a strategy to fulfill it (both community missions and foreign missions), a challenge for us to step up, and the facilities needed to make it possible.

While many are discouraged about our country’s direction and divisiveness I see a great opportunity growing for the church.  The current climate of our society is creating a void and desperation in many people’s lives that I believe only God can fill.  I believe God can use us if we as a church will develop a compassion for the “lostness” of humanity and learn how to communicate a message of love; instead a message of hate.  That being said we need to position ourselves to meet the void that is being created in the hearts of those around us. 

Lastly, as your pastor, I am so honored and grateful to lead you as a Church over the past almost 20 years.  Over these years you have trusted your leadership with the necessary changes to ensure that we impact the Kingdom in the future.  I know these changes have not been easy but you have stood with us putting your own preferences aside and for that I am grateful.  Only Heaven will reveal what your sacrifice has and will produce.  I look forward to the future to see how God will use us to advance His kingdom. 

I hope you will pray for and attend one of the gatherings on October 14th.  I believe it to be one of the most significant meetings we have had since I became your pastor.

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