Ways to Pray for Beach Get-a-Way

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This year more than ever, our students need your prayer. Cancelled school, prom, graduations, trips and events have wrecked any sense of normalcy for middle and high school students. Hanging out with friends was replaced with facetime and Zoom. Playing sports was replaced with video games. For a while digital hangouts were great. Students found creative ways to interact with each other and connect but as time went on through quarantine, we found out there are not good substitutes for real face-to-face human interaction.

As a student ministry, we had two different summer trips cancelled. One was even cancelled, rescheduled and then cancelled again. Students look forward to these trips and they end up being catalyst in many of their faith walks. As everything around us was getting cancelled and time went on, I could see the need for students to interact with each other outside of their homes. Camp was not really an option, when we go to camp, we bring upwards of 60 students not including the adult leaders. But time away from home was a must. So, we planned Beach Get-A-Way.

Instead of bringing all students at once, we are bringing two grades at a time to the beach. Instead of spending a week we are just spending a few days together. Instead of a high production and event-based camp, we are focusing on a relational relaxed get-a-way.

This Friday we are leaving with our first group. Followed by the second leaving on Monday and the third leaving on Wednesday. We will be spending the week disconnecting from the world and reconnecting to each other and our heavenly father.

This is where you come in: I am asking you to pray for them. One of our culture values at PCC is “Scripture and prayer are prime.” This means as a church we take scripture and prayer seriously. That prayer is not just something we do every now and then or when we have a bad day. Prayer is a part of who we are because it is the way we connect to God. So, this week and next week, pray for students any time they come to your mind. Add this get-a-way to your evening prayer list.

Here are some specific ways you can pray for this trip:

  • That students remain healthy leading up to the trip and during the trip
  • That the virus would not affect our time away
  • That students would be refreshed and rejuvenated
  • That God will melt hard hearts
  • That God will remove walls that students have put up
  • That God will inspire students to live lives that bring Him glory
  • That leaders will have ears to hear the hurts, worries and dreams of students

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