We Are Unapologetically Intentional

Culture Devo- Intentional

Back in 2017 our leadership met to create what we call our Culture Values. We felt this venture was necessary due to the growth we have experienced in our church over the last decade. Our growth, which we celebrate, is made up with people from many different experiences and backgrounds—some with no church background. As we continue to grow these values enable us to keep a Biblical focus in a changing world, along with clarity and excellence in our attempts to reach our community and our world. 

Of course our first culture value is “Jesus Is Our Lead Story” and for good reason He is the reason we exist. But many of you may not know our 8th culture value “We Are Unapologetically Intentional.” This value assists us with clarity and our attempts at excellence. Therefore, We Are Unapologetically Intentional: 

In our words… 

We believe words matter- with them we create the culture in which we live. That’s why we try not to use clichés and do not feel bound by standard terminology. For instance we call our times together on Sundays, “gatherings” instead of “services” realizing that when we are together it’s more like a family “get together”. We also want people to understand that we don’t “take” the offering, we create an opportunity to “give” an offering. We refer to those leading in worship as “Worship Leaders”- They are not a band performing a gig or a choir singing presentations of music- They are leading us to join them in glorifying Christ. Rather than “Sunday School”, we believe that “Connect Groups” better convey what we are trying to accomplish- a small group connected to the heart of God, while connecting with one another through, prayer, studying God’s Word and doing life together. We seek to create and shape our culture by using words and phrases that accurately reflect the people we want to be and the things we endeavor to do. 

In our planning… 

We realize that what we decide to leave out of our gatherings and ministries is just as important as what we put in them. This is why each ministry team here at PCC takes time to plan and pray as we prepare. We realize that God’s Spirit is ultimately directing us. Therefore our planning intentionally follows the vision He has given. Regular, ordinary, and usual are not on our list of values. We believe creativity and excellence are a big part of the process of engaging the hearts and minds of people. Excellence is defined for us, as removing distractions so people can see Jesus. From the words spoken from the stage to the smallest audio or lighting transition, we want to be excellent and give our best so that people can focus on Christ. We value creativity because it points people in a culturally relevant way to the Ultimate Creator. Whether we use a video, prop, song, event, or illustration- all is carefully planned and intentionally designed to bring people to Christ. 

In our environment… 

Because God is the most beautiful One of all, beauty matters in all we do. When it comes to our environments, we want to reflect this beauty. Intentional design affirms that we are current, and helps us usher His unchanging message to a rapidly changing world. That’s why we put so much thought and energy into the spaces we invite people into. We are passionate about the physical and emotional safety of our church family during our time together. Therefore, we want to hope for the best and plan for the worst. We desire that people feel welcome and not threatened in our gatherings. We also have created age-appropriate spaces for our ministries. We have carefully crafted a Children’s center, Student center, and Adult center with each generational mindset involved. Before most people hear us, they see us. We want what they see to be inviting, interesting, inspiring, excellent, and compelling. 

It is our desire that the culture we create here at PCC is one that honors and glorifies Jesus, builds bonds with those who attend, and fulfills the mandate given by Jesus to reach our community and the world with His story. 

For a complete list of our Culture Values click HERE.

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