What if?- Part 2

What If- part 2

On Sunday, October 14th I shared with our church family what I believe and our church leadership believes is the direction we need to go in to reach our community for Jesus Christ.  This presentation included additions to our campus as seen below.  (To view sermon click HERE)

Intermediate Expansion--3 Sub-Phases:

Educational Facility 

  • more than doubling our current restrooms
  • adding 10 adult classrooms
  • adding a senior adult suite  (Putnam Chapel)(seats same as current Fellowship Hall)
  • a nursing mother’s room
  • sound proofing
  • totally just over 8,100 sq ft


  • start construction February of 2019
  • finish construction August of 2019
  • finish paying off loan December 2021


Atrium—Lobby with Welcome Center

  • closing in between Worship Center and the Children’s Building



Balcony to current worship center

  • adds 250 seats
  • add parking


The plan is to start construction on the Atrium, Balcony, and Parking once the Educational Facility is paid off around December 2021.  The cost of the Educational Facility is approximately $1,412,000.  This includes the facility itself, furnishings, moving the current big playground, interest on the loan, and giving to missions.

We currently have $320,000 on hand and are expecting to raise $585,000 from our 2018-2021 Church budget leaving $507,000 to be raised from families or individuals.  If you would like to give there will be cards on the hand-out over the next two weeks in our Gatherings or you may pick one up at the church office or i-desk to let us know your intentions as far giving to the project.  We ask that the card be turned in by Sunday, November 4, 2018. 

I am praying that we as a church really step up in the coming years as we seek to build a campus that is inviting for those who are seeking the answers to life and the life to come.  Let’s work together in accomplishing the mandate Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:18-20.

Serving Him Together, 
Pastor Bryan



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