Why Go to Camp? (Student Life @ The Beach)

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The attention of Middle and High school students is pulled more ways than it has ever been. Attention is pulled to: school, sports, academic clubs, family, friends, work, video games, Netflix, college planning, career planning… the list goes on and on. None of the things listed are bad, matter of fact most of them are great things to give attention to but what can happen is students get into a succeed-or-fail mindset.


“Am I getting good enough grades?” “Do I have enough friends?” “Am I nice enough?” “Am I spending enough time with family?” “Am I in enough clubs to get into the college I want?” “Am I good enough to make the team?”


and even:


“Am I good enough for God to love me?” “Am I good enough to go to heaven?”


The mountain of stuff piling up can look insurmountable.


It’s a similar situation to when Jesus called Peter out of the boat to walk on water in Matthew chapter 14. Peter steps out of the boat and is walking on water toward Jesus but then he notices the wind and waves swirling around him. Peter takes his eyes off of Jesus and starts to sink. Luckily for Peter (and us) Jesus does not let him drown. Jesus reaches out his hand to lift Peter out of the water.


Students who have faith in Christ can very easily lose track of where their foundation is.. Jesus.


This is one reason we take students to camp every summer. Camp is a place where students come and get reminded that no matter where they get pulled, their hope rests in Christ.  It is a time for students to not focus on what “needs” to be done but instead Christ has already done.


What happens when a group of students worship, play, eat, study scripture, and pray together for a week? God starts stirring their hearts for more… more worship, more time with Him, more people to tell His story to and that is what our goal of camp is: To have students come home so focused on who Jesus is that their life is forever changed.


This generation of students has the ability to affect change in the world like no other generation before it. We live in an extraordinary time. We have access to the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets. We can speak with anyone anywhere in the world with-in seconds. The world is smaller than it has ever been and will continue to shrink.  Current middle and high school students have the opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to a hurting world like no group in history. It starts with students being confident in who Christ is and who they are in Christ. That can and does happen at camp.


This summer we are going to Student Life Camp in Myrtle Beach, SC. If you are a student, I hope you will come with us! If you are a parent or grandparent, I hope you encourage your student to attend camp. It will be a fun week of worship, hanging out on the beach, listening to the Word and connecting with other warehouse247 students.


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