Preschool Director Job Opening

Job Description

The Preschool Director at Pleasant City Church is responsible for the oversight and leadership of the Weekday Preschool program as well as provide oversight of the church Sunday / Wednesday Preschool Ministry. Our children’s ministry is committed to fostering an environment where children feel welcome and safe and where each child has the opportunity to learn and grow. The Preschool Director should be a servant leader who loves children and wants to help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus.


  • The person selected for this position must be a Christian and have a lifestyle that reflects such
  • Must have a calling to minister to children
  • Must have good communication skills with children and an understanding of how to lead children to a relationship with Jesus and teach them relevant Biblical truths to help them grow in their faith
  • Must be / or willing to become an Active member of Pleasant City Church
  • Must be educated and/or experienced as a teacher of young children especially in the field of early childhood education or development
  • A minimum of two years teaching experience with training or experience in personnel supervision of direct reports and volunteers
  • Willing to increase knowledge in the field of child development
  • Able to relate to adults and children on all levels of the socioeconomic structure of the community
  • Display the personality and ability to provide leadership and stability for program continuity
  • Must possess excellent communication, organizational and people skills
  • Must be a team player and work with Children’s Ministry Leadership Team
  • Possess good hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, hearing and mobility with normal bending and stooping that may require the ability to lift 10 to 50 pounds


Administrative Duties:

  • Conduct or coordinate new staff / volunteer orientation
  • Assist in staff scheduling and arranging for substitute help when needed
  • Conduct or coordinate monthly fire drills and playground inspections
  • Prepare time cards and payroll records for staff
  • Maintain staff employment records / certifications
  • Maintain communication with parents and families of children in the church
  • Attend church staff meetings
  • Assist the Children’s Pastor in preparing for related meetings
  • Schedule conferences with parents and teachers
  • Maintain computer files of financial records & children information
  • Prepare publications and advertisements for yearly child enrollment
  • Assist the Children’s Pastor in establishing tuition and other related fees
  • Assist Children’s Pastor in preparing a yearly budget request for the program
  • Order and maintain janitorial and child care supplies as needed
  • Insuring the implementation of the Child Protection Policy at all times


Staff Related Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Children’s Pastor in interviewing and hiring of new staff / volunteers
  • Assign the responsibilities of the teaching staff / volunteers
  • Conduct yearly staff evaluations
  • Conduct meetings and recommended training programs for staff / volunteers
  • Supervise the assigned staff / volunteers and assure smooth coordination of all classroom activities and staff / volunteer – student relationship
  • Substitute in the classroom when teachers or assistants are absent


Program Responsibilities:

  • Plan and implement annual orientation, Open House, Christmas Program, Graduation Ceremony, VBS, Date Night and any other PCC special events
  • Plan a program of academic education, Christian education and care for each age group
  • Consider individual children in relationship to their cultural and socioeconomic background
  • Gear the program to the needs of individual children with concern for their interests, handicaps, special talents, individual style and pace of learning
  • Help provide and maintain a spiritual ministry throughout the program in keeping with the church’s purpose in establishing the program
  • Other duties as assigned


Curriculum Responsibilities:

  • Conduct classroom observations and supervising the management of classroom schedules
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation procedures needed to assess the developmental levels of the children
  • Assist the teaching staff in preparing daily, weekly and yearly plans that will be approved by the Director
  • Review classroom newsletters and field trips for advance approval
  • Maintain supplies for classroom curriculum

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Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 3rd

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