The Forgiveness Of Hurt

April 15, 2018 Pastor: Bryan Glisson Series: Hope When It Hurts

Scripture: Matthew 18:21–18:35

Introduction: Reasons you do not forgive: they do not deserve it; they have not suffered enough; it makes you vulnerable.

What is Forgiveness Not?

  • Conditional based on the offender’s actions
  • Minimizing the seriousness of the offense
  • Resuming a relationship without changes
  • Forgetting what happened

What is Forgiveness?

  • Relinquishing the right to get even (Romans 12:19)
  • Responding to evil with good (Luke 6:27-28)
  • Repeating the process as long as necessary (Matt 18:21-22)
  • Remembering you have been forgiven (Colossians 3:13) (Colossians 2:13-14)

How Can I Forgive, When I Feel I Cannot Forgive?

  • Realize forgiveness is supernatural; not natural
  • Realize forgiveness is a process; not an act
  • Realize forgiveness is a command; not a suggestion
  • Realize unforgiveness is based on a lie; not truth

 What Is God's Viewpoint On Forgiveness?

  • It brings you face to face with grace

                by receiving grace (Matthew 18:23-27)

                by giving grace (Matthew 18:28-33)

  • It views the offender as an instrument in God’s Hand
  • It recognizes that bitterness is not a right
  • It brings the wounds and needs of the offender in focus
  • It allows God to use you (the offended) in the offender's life


Who has hurt you?   Identify the person

How does it make you feel?   Identify the pain

What is your natural inclination?   Identify the lie 

What does God’s Word say?   Identify with the truth

Lastly, exchange the lie for truth; the darkness for light; the disease for healing; and the feeling for faith.

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