A Day Of Anticipation & Reflection

April 14, 2019 Pastor: Bryan Glisson Series: 3 Days

Scripture: Luke 22:39–22:46, Mark 14:22–14:42

Introduction: Many describe these days as the week of passion. The word passion not only means strong emotion or strong desire; it also means extreme suffering and distress. We find passion not only in the life of Jesus; but also in the last horrifying days of his life.

The Contrast of Two Gardens

  • The Garden of Eden    (Genesis 2:8)  (Genesis 3:24)

            --a garden that brought ruin to the human race

               (Romans 1:22-32; Romans 3:10-12)

  • The Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:32)

             --a garden that brought redemption to the human race

                 (Romans 3:23-25a)

The Curiosity of the Latter Garden

  • A Place of Retreat (Luke 22:39)
  • A Place of Prayer (Luke 22:40-41)

The Anguish of the Latter Garden

  • Physical Anguish (Luke 22:44)
  • Emotional Anguish (Mark 14:32-34)
  • Spiritual Anguish (Mark 14:35)

The Triumph of the Latter Garden

  • The Submission of the Savior (Mark 14:36)
  • The Sacrifice of the Savior (Mark 14:41-42)

Application: Before there was a cross there was a garden. The prayers of the garden created the path to the cross. The anguish and triumph of the latter garden proves the love that both God the Father and Jesus has for us.

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