The "Us" In Generous

May 5, 2019 Pastor: Jonathan Glisson Series: Generous

Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:17–6:19

Introduction: How much money do you need to be Rich? How much money do you need to be Generous? A life marked by Generosity is not just for “Them”, it’s for “Us”.

Steps toward Generosity

  01. Embrace that You are Rich (I Timothy 6:17a)

  02. Eliminate your Liabilities (I Timothy 6:17b)

  • The Pride of Prosperity: “I am a self-made person”
  • The Peril of Misplaced Faith: Is your hope in your provision or in your Provider?
  • The Principle of the “Upgrade”: The more you Have, the more you Want

 03. Embezzle from Your Impermanent Wealth (I Timothy 6:18, Mark 12:41-44)

  • Priority: Giving God what is already His
  • Percentage: In God’s Economy, % > $
  • Progressive: The more God Gives, the more He Expects

 04. Endorse in God’s Investment Opportunity (I Timothy 6:19)

We don’t get credit for what we Leave, because everybody leaves the same- Everything. We get credit for what we Give.

Application: What do I currently give?- Is it a priority? What’s the percentage? Is it progressive? Where is my investment secured?


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