Remember - 70 Years Of Ministry

October 20, 2019 Pastor: Bryan Glisson Series: Remember: Celebrating 70 Years

Scripture: Joshua 24:1–24:24

Introduction: Over the last 2000 years, other than His Word and His Spirit, the key resource that God has used to make Himself known to the world is His Church. To understand how we as a church family, can carry out God’s vision to impact our culture, lessons can be learned from God’s people under Joshua’s leadership.

How Do We Build On The Foundation Laid Before Us?

1. Remember the Sacrifice Behind Us (Joshua 24:1-13)

“The Holy Spirit of God was at work among these men and, as they continued to talk, their interest grew.”  --Betty McIntyre in “White Unto Harvest”

2.  Resist the Complacency Among Us (Joshua 24:14)


Since Our 50th Anniversary We Have Seen:

  • Baptisms: 571
  • Membership Increase: from 725 to 1388 members
  • Budget 1999: $348,000          Budget 2019:  $1,152,000
  • Budget Giving: $18.1 million
  • Mission’s Giving: $3.7 million
  • Short-term Mission Trip Participates: 523
  • Called to Serve in Full-time Ministry: 18 (another 4 preparing)
  • Churches Plants: Nationally 2 with 1 Sponsorship  Internationally Unknown
  • Mothers Morning Out: 91 Children (75 Families) 

Phase 1:  (Approx  $300,000)

  • Remodeled Upstairs FLC for More Adult Education
  • Created New Paved Parking
  • Remodeled Parsonage to Become Church Offices & Intern Housing 

Phase 2:  (Approx  $750,000)

  • Built Warehouse 247
  • Remodeled Preschool Area
  • Added to Preschool Area (closed in carport)
  • Reconstructed Courtyard Area
  • Build New Preschool Playground

Phase 3:  (Approx  $680,000)

  • Remodel Exterior of Existing Buildings
  • Purchased 4 Acres of Land
  • Transitioned Old Auditorium into Children’s Worship Area
  • Transitioned Gym into Worship Center


3. Release the Fears Within Us (Joshua 24:15)

       God Tells Joshua: (Joshua 1)

           --trust My Promises  (Joshua 1:6)

           --trust My Word  (Joshua 1:7-8)

           --trust My Direction  (Joshua 1:9)

           --trust My Protection  (Joshua 1:18)

 4. Respond to the Vision Before Us (Joshua 24:16-24) (Joshua 3:5)

    How Will We As A Church Family Respond?

  • Loving God
  • Connecting w/Others
  • Reaching the World (Ministry and Mission) 


Our Church Support In Missions (12.5%)

Phase 4:  (Approx  $5,000,000)

  • New 1200 Seat Auditorium

             --Office Suite    --Connect Group Rooms

  • Old Office Building Becomes Counseling Center & Missions Center
  • More Paved Parking 

Phase 3 ½:  (Approx  $3,000,000)

  • New Children’s Playground & Picnic Area
  • New Connect Hall

              --9 Adult Classrooms   --Senior Adult Suite     --Prayer Room

              --Restrooms        --Video Room         --Nursing Mothers Room

  • Balcony To Current Worship Center

              --Adds 250 seats           --More Paved Parking

             Start construction on Atrium, Balcony, and Parking once Connect Hall  Facility is paid off


Application: Will we continue to be the church God uses to reach this community and the pockets of this world that He has called us to?  Will we respond to the vision He gave us 20 years ago?  (Philippians 1:6)


For more information about the history of the early days of the church see:

White Unto Harvest   by Betty McIntyre

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9:30 or 11am