Overcome Under God

August 2, 2020 Pastor: Gary Marburger Series: Faith that Works: The Message of James

Scripture: James 4:7–4:12

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Message Points

“Overcome Under God”
James 4:7-12

Introduction: James calls each of us to have souls that are revived. Revival means to live again.  It is the idea that faith was once alive and vibrant and then became lifeless and dull.  The emphasis we see in this passage today is victory over temptation.  And James is giving a strong formula and how we can overcome. 

Submit to God (James 4:7a)

  • Submission is yielding to God’s Authority and His Will for my life. It is committing to Him being in control and me being willing to follow Him and trusting Him with the outcome. 

Resist The Devil (James 4:7b)

  • Asking God and praying, “Deliver me from the evil one.”
  • Quoting Scripture, Fasting, & Praying
  • Special Sessions of Prayer
  • Forgiving Others (II Corinthians 2:10-11)
  • Not Giving Place to the Devil
  • Putting on the Whole Armor of God
  • Repenting and Surrendering to Truth
  • Be Born Again (I John 5:18)

Wash Our Hands (James 4:8)

Grieve (James 4:9) (Psalm 51:1-5)

Humble Ourselves Before the Lord (James 4:10)

  • Drawing near to GOD and mourning and crying for deliverance.
  • It’s Not a self-sufficient spirit, but a spirit that calls upon the Lord.
  • It is Not seeing a temptation and yielding to it, but it is surrendering to the obedience of Christ which always takes supernatural power
  • Commits to Philippians 4:8 thinking

Application: (James 4:11-12) How should we love our neighbor? 

  • Open our eyes to the needs around us. (Luke 10:33)
  • Open our hearts to compassion (Luke 10:33)
  • Open our arms and give practical help (Luke 10:34)
  • Open our minds to follow-up (Luke 10:35)



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