Psalm 14

August 8, 2021 Pastor: Jonathan Glisson Series: Summer in the Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 14:1–7

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Message Points 

Psalm 14

Introduction: One of the greatest threats facing the Church is “the world’s newest major religion: No Religion” This worldview comprises 1.6 billion people and is increasingly permeating our society.

A Foolish Belief (Psalm 14:1)

  • The Myths: “Atheists believe in Nothing and have no Morals
  • The Makeup:
    • Atheism: belief that God does not Exist
    • Agnosticism: belief that it’s Impossible to Know if God exists
  • The Messages:
    • Everything is simply Matter, there is no Supernatural
    • Knowledge is gained only by Scientific Study into the Natural
    • Scientific (not supernatural) Authority is Superior Authority
    • Morals are Developed over time through Progress in Society
  • The Members:
    • Those who say “God does not Exist
    • Those who Live as though God does not Exist

A Far-Reaching Problem (Psalm 14:1-3)

  • The Human Race is Guilty Individually and Inclusively

A Fierce Threat (Psalm 14:4)

  • Ignorance: A “Willing” Lack of Knowledge
  • Intolerance:
    • Traditional Tolerance: I can Value someone without Valuing their views/beliefs. Tolerance necessitates Disagreement.
    • New (Cultural) Tolerance: I cannot disagree with what’s Popular or Politically Correct.
  • Indifference: “A paralysis of the Soul, a premature Death

A Frightening Judgment (Psalm 14:5-6)

  • Best-Case Scenario: Non-Existence in Oblivion
  • Worst-Case Scenario: Eternal Suffering in Hell

A Faithful Deliverance (Psalm 14:7)

  • God’s Response is a Loving and Patient Delay of Judgment
  • What should our Response be?

        Understanding > Opinions       Heart > Head         Urgency > Apathy



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August 29 - 9:30 & 11:00am

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Worship at the Ballpark

August 15—10:00am

We will gather at Keeter Stadium at Shelby High School to host Worship for the American Legion Worlds Series. There will be no activities on campus.


Move Up Sunday

August 22

Our children and students will move up to their next grade/class. 


SWAT Jubilee Trip

September 27 - October 1

Join us for the Fall Jubilee Conference in Gatlinburg. It will be a time filled with singing, laughing, and preaching! Cost includes transportation, conference, and lodging (double occupancy).

Total Cost: $250
$125 Deposit Due—August 22
Full Balance Due—September 12

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Clubhouse Kids Ministry

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warehouse247 Student Ministry

Wednesday 5:30-7:45pm.  A Worship Gathering just for middle and high school students.  Cafe/Games/Worship/Teaching

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