Enraptured By His Word - Part 3

January 19, 2020 Pastor: Bryan Glisson Series: Devoted

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:14–3:17

Series Introduction: Resolution is defined as the formal expression of intention or the act of a determining action; while transformation is defined as the state or process of being transformed creating a change in nature and character. According to God’s Word the work of the Holy Spirit is best described as transformation—not resolution. It is also important to understand that Biblical transformation is devoted to a relationship with God provided by Jesus.

Introduction: For the believer in Christ, transformation cannot happen apart from being enraptured (delighted beyond measure) by God’s Word.

Recap From Last Week:

We need doctrine—to know what to believe

We need reproof—to discern what not to believe

We need correction—to learn what not to do

We need instruction—to understand what should be done

His Word Provides Insight for Transformation

  • Revelation—God revealing Himself to creation
  • General—through nature & conscience (Romans 1:18-22) (Psalm 19:1)
  • Specific—through prayer & God’s Word (Psalm 119) 
  • Interpretation—determining the intended meaning of God’s Word (1 Thessalonians 2:13)
  • Illumination—the Holy Spirit’s work of bringing light to one’s hearts
  • “Logos”written Word of God (2 Timothy 4:2)
  • “Rhema”spoken Word of God (Romans 10:17)
  • Application—determining the relevance of God’s Word and then actively responding (James 1:21-27)

Foot Note: Six Questions Concerning Illumination & Application

Is there a truth I should believe about God?

Is there something I should trust God for?

Is there a command I need to obey?

Is there an attitude I need to change?

Is there a motive I need to change?

Is there a promise I can claim in my current situation?

Is there someone I need to pray for?

His Word Provides Insight for Application

  • To Convict (Hebrews 4:12) (John 16:8)
  • To Convert (Psalm 19:7a)
  • To Cleanse (1 John 1:9)
  • To Challenge (Jude 20)
  • To Comfort (Romans 15:4)
  • To Change  (Ephesians 4:21-24)

Transformation Equation:  Put Off—Renew Mind—Put On

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