Student Ministry

warehouse247 is the student ministry of Pleasant City Church that exists to disciple students by teaching them to love God, Connect with Others, and Reach their World for Christ. God, along with this church, has greatly blessed us with a student facility in which to fellowship, worship, and disciple. Our desire is that students not see a building when they come to warehouse, but that they see a student ministry that, by God’s Spirit, is making an impact in their lives as well as their peers. Psalm 24:6 says “This is the generation of those that seek Him that seek Thy face, O God of Jacob.” As a student ministry this is our prayer for this generation. We believe that this generation is going to make the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God than any other generation preceding them. It is warehouse’s objective to produce, through the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, students of influence!




warehouse Worship

Middle & High School

Wednesdays / 5:30-7:45pm

warehouseWorship is one way that our students choose to carry out our church's vision of “loving God”. We meet together every Wednesday night in warehouse247 to experience fellowship and a worship gathering. We are intentional about creatively designing every aspect of warehouseWorship to point students to their Creator and Savior in a way that is current and relatable. We begin the evening with an hour of enjoying the café, games, and other activities followed by a time of celebration with the warehouseBand and messages from God’s Word that are culturally relevant and practical to the lives of every student. 



warehouse Connect

Middle & High School

Sundays / 9:30-10:50am

warehouseConnect is our time for students to “connect with others.” We begin each Sunday morning at warehouse247 with 15 minutes of fellowship in the café followed by a time of studying God’s Word in a small group setting. During this Bible Study and Fellowship time warehouseconnect leaders seek to make an investment in the students that make up their group. Our goal is that this time would not be simply another typical Bible lecture, but that true fellowship and discipleship would be achieved.





Middle & High School

warehouseReach is how warehouse247 “reaches the world.” There is not a regular time or place we meet for warehouseReach. Instead, we offer different serving opportunities throughout the year while encouraging students to serve regularly in other ministries at our church or in our community. Some examples of opportunities to serve are foreign mission trips, American mission trips, Clubhouse Kid’s, and Child Evanglism Fellowship.

 We believe that students who love God, serve others. It is our desire for warehouse247 students to be known as servant leaders in their schools, neighborhoods, and church.




Merge Banner

6th Grade

Sundays / 9:30-10:50am
WEDNESDAYS / 5:30-7:45PM

Merge is the 6th Grade ministry of warehouse247. Merge provides a smooth transition from the child-like elements of our Kid’s Ministry to the more mature themes of warehouseWorship. Students are provided with the unique opportunity to have a much-needed, closer connection with other 6th graders during this shifting time in their lives. Merge provides a small group setting with age specific curriculum to give our 6th graders a chance to grow in Christ in an age appropriate environment as well as prepare them for their teen years and the “merge” into full warehouse247 activities. 

  • Merge @ warehouseWorship- Merge joins the rest of warehouse from 5:30 to 6:30pm. They then meet and leave for their specific ministry at 6:30pm.
  • Merge @ warehouseConnect- Merge hangs out in the café with the rest of warehouse247 from 6:30 to 6:45 then leaves for the basement for a connect group intentionally geared towards 6th grade students.




The Bridge Banner

College / Singles

Sundays/ 9:30-10:45am (on campus)

This group is open to all 18-25 year olds. Don't go to college or just graduated? No problem this group is for you as well. This group has a desire to see God's glory shown on their campuses, school, jobs, families, and communities.  

We meet in warehouse247 in the room to the left of the stage. from 9:30 to 10:45am.

Bring a friend and join us! For more information about this group click HERE




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