January 22, 2023 Pastor: Bryan Glisson Series: Smoke & Mirrors

Scripture: Colossians 2:11–17

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Colossians 2:11-17 

Series Introduction: The best way not to be taken in by that, which is false, is to know (from facts to experience) that which is true. The false teachers in the first century taught about a four-headed monster that consisted of intellectualism, ritualism, mysticism, and legalism.

Introduction: A ritual is not bad in and of itself. A ritual is an established form of conducting a ceremony (Marriage, Baptism, etc). A ritual has certain words that are said and certain actions that are carried out. The Old Testament rituals (shadows) pointed to something of reality (substance). Ritualism can be excessive devotion to the rituals instead of the excessive devotion to the reality of Jesus Christ.

The Vanity of the Ritual

Rituals Cannot Save the Sinner
--circumcision (Colossians 2:11) (Acts 15:1)
--baptism (Colossians 2:12)
--does not confirm salvation
--does confess salvation 

Rituals Cannot Sanctify the Saint (Matthew 6:5-8)
--diets—health vs. holiness (Colossians 2:16a) (Romans 14:17) (Hebrews 13:9)
--days—homage vs. holiness (Colossians 2:16b)

The Victory of the Cross

The Cross Can Handle the Guilt of Sin (Colossians 2:13)
The Cross Can Handle the Grievance of Sin (Colossians 2:14)
The Cross Can Handle the Grip of Satan (Colossians 2:15)

Application: It is time to step from the shadows of ritualism into the substance of reality. (Colossians 2:17) Jesus in the gospels calls us out of ritualism and into a relationship with Him.



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Better Together Marriage Weekend

2/3 Friday 6-8:45PM
2/4 Saturday 8:15AM-3:15PM

Combining knowledge of how God created our mind, will & emotions with how His Word calls us to relate with grace & love. $40 registration includes: workbook, dessert & coffee Friday night, breakfast & lunch Saturday, and childcare.

To Register by 1/23, Click: HERE


Experience the Holy Land

November 8-17, 2023

Join PCC for a 10-day tour of Israel! Hosted by Bryan & Jonathan Glisson, this trip will visit sites such as Galilee, Mt Carmel, Bethlehem, & Jerusalem!

Brief Interest Meetings:
TODAY at 11:00am OR 12:15pm in Room 3

Cost (all inclusive): $4,747
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Single Moms Connect Group

Sundays—9:30am—Room 1

We are the only single mom’s ministry in Cleveland county!  We strive to help these moms feel welcome, supported and part of a community studying God’s word in a practical way. Come join us!

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One More One Less Project

PCC is a “Champion Church” directly engaged with vulnerable children and families in Cleveland county.

To learn more:

For more information about joining the prayer team, community care team, becoming a Guardian ad Litem, or a licensed foster home, contact PCC project leader Chris Gray @ 239-304-6434.


Pleasant City 101

11:00 am - January 22—Room 4

Connecting people into the life of our church. Come find out who we are; what we are about; and how YOU can be a part of it!

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Right Now Media

Right Now Media is an extensive, faith-based video library you can access (completely FREE) whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, tablet, computer, or at home on your TV.

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Clubhouse Kids Ministry

To view Clubhouse Resources which include: Worship Experiences (Bible Story), Godtime Cards, and Parent Guides: Click HERE


warehouse247 Student Ministry

Wednesday 5:30-7:45pm.  A Worship Gathering just for middle and high school students.  Cafe/Games/Worship/Teaching

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