The Terms Of Salvation

July 29, 2018 Pastor: Bryan Glisson Series: Royal Invitation: Part 2- Grace

Scripture: Romans 10:1–10:13

Introduction: This passage is one of the greatest places in Scripture that gives the best explanation of “how one can be saved?” and “who can be saved?”

The Vulnerability of Man’s Salvation

  • Paul’s Zeal Leads to Mission (Romans 10:1)
  • Israel’s Zeal Leads to Misdirection

               They did not listen to God (the person who trusts in their own works will be                 judged in that manner) (Romans 10:2)  (Philippians 3:4-7)

               They tried to save themselves (it is impossible to keep God’s Law)                               (Romans 10:3-4)

                They misunderstood the purpose of the law (the failure to trust in Christ’s                    sacrifice results in eternal punishment (Romans 10:5-7)

The Possibility of God’s Salvation

  • Connection—“mouth & heart” (Romans 10:8)
  • Condition—“if” (Romans 10:9a)
  • Correction—“Lord” (Romans 10:9b)
  • Confession—“believe” (Romans 10:9c)
  • Confirmation—“saved” (Romans 10:9d-10)

The Availability of God’s Salvation (10:11-13)

Application: Have you trusted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  If so, what are the evidences in your life that prove that you have?



Awareness of a Supreme Being

Initial Awareness of the Gospel

Awareness of the Fundamentals of the Gospel 

Grasp of the Implications of the Gospel

Positive Attitude toward the Gospel

Personal Problem Recognition:

--conviction    --sinner    --belief 

Decision to Act: 

--confession    --repentance    --faith in Jesus Christ

--profession    --Lordship


--new creation    --Holy Spirit Indwells 

Changes Occur:

--behaviors    --attitudes    --perspective changes 

Realize Importance of:

--the Word of God & Prayer    --the role of the Church 

--sharing your story    --serving

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