Myopia (Short-sightedness, Lack of Foresight) - Part 2

January 24, 2021 Pastor: Bryan Glisson Series: Seeing Beyond 2020

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Message Points


“Myopia (Short-sightedness, Lack of Foresight)”
Genesis 24

Introduction: From the pages of God’s Word, we discover that we are called to not only live a life of faith and courage; but also a life of direction and purpose which in turn will provide us a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Steps To A Directional, Purposeful and Fulfilling Life:

Determine your Position  (Genesis 24:1)

Who are you and whose are you?
Where are you now?
Do you periodically evaluate your life?

Define your Purpose  (Genesis 24:1-4)

Is it a God-given purpose?
Does it create in you passion for its fulfillment?
Does it demand your very best?

Discover a Promise  (Genesis 24:5-7)

Can your purpose be found in Scripture? (Joshua 1:8)

Describe the Profit  (Genesis 24:7)

Will it please God?
Will it bring significance to your life?
Why do you want it?

Diagnose the Problem  (Genesis 24:8-11, 13)

What are the obstacles between where you are and where you need to be?

Desire in Prayer  (Genesis 24:12)

Can you ask God to bless your purpose, your focus?

Design a Plan  (Genesis 24:14-20)

What are the specific steps to fulfill your purpose?

Discipline your Personality

Mind  (Genesis 24:21)
Appetite  (Genesis 24:33)
Speech  (Genesis 24:49)
Time  (Genesis 24:54b-56)

Depend on People  (Genesis 24:50-52)

Do you realize that God has placed other people in your life to help you fulfill your purpose?

Deposit the Price  (Genesis 24:53)


Application: You were created to live a focused life by accomplishing the purposes of the One who created you. Therefore you cannot afford to be short-sighted you must live with the big picture in mind. (Mark 8:36-37)



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